This was the first ever morph!

Digital trickery? Sure - but also 8 weeks cow training.

I started off as a copywriter in a little agency in Soho, London. There were six of us in the creative department. It was called Saatchi & Saatchi. Yeah, I've been around a while.


My first few years directing were spent shooting comedy dialogue. Then digital arrived. No one really had a clue what it was for. Least of all me. But I tried out a few things on a couple of spots (see opposite) and suddenly, in the land of the blind, I was the one eyed king. It's a funny old world.


Since then I've won a few gongs and written, lectured and broadcast about digital effects for the ICA, BAFTA, the NFT, BBC TV & Radio and the American Cinematographer Magazine. I've also worked as a consultant to other filmmakers, including  Franco Zefferelli,  Mel Gibson and David Puttnam. Which was fun but not as much fun as directing.


These days it's mostly animals and complex effects jobs, with a dollop of comedy thrown in. I get the biggest buzz when I'm combining all three. The sequence with the bear bottom right gives a good idea of how that can come together.

I'm obsessively hands on with the post and I'm very happy posting a sequence or two on my own, if it helps the job.

In between commercials I occasionally work in the theatre and I've also made a couple of films for the BBC.


When I'm not directing I use my digital skills to make art.


As far as other interests are concerned, well I don't have any. Bit sad really.



Sometimes actors need a little help with their concentration.